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Welcome to The Small Penis Society, a Non-profit organization. *

Dedicated to promoting the highest level of achievement through professional development, education and research.
Let's face it. Life can be a real challenge for "a short-short man." Especially in today's social climate.

Men & women alike are always short-changing us. How many of us are totally sick and tired of '
Smilin Bob's' face?! Do we really need that many emails clogging up our In-box about male enhancement and improved performance?

Hey, like only big guys can relate to fast cars on the track. A lot of race car
sponsors seem to think so. And how come you never see smiling, satisfied women portrayed on the TV commercials with guys like us? 
Isn't anybody looking out for the little guy any more?
So that got us to thinking. All these challenges men like us face provided the impetus for the formation of the Small Penis Society. It would be a society for camaraderie amongst us men, and encouragement & support for the friends and loved ones who stand behind us.


Today, over a decade later, we still adhere to the ideal that
 "good things come in small packages"

We are always looking for new members.

Nominate a recipient for the coveted
 Certificate of Outstanding Achievement
or the National Merit Award.


 Our doors are always open.

Please join us for our weekly community prayer breakfast.

Call (702) 421-9902 for details.

The Small Penis Society Cares

Small Penis Society
Las Vegas, NV 89128
(702) 421-9902

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